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        14 Shenda Road Yuhong District, Shenyang,China

        KSY-based oil pipeline pump

        KSY-based oil pipeline pump



        KSY pipeline pump-type products, can provide complete products for pipeline that producing 20 million tons petro output, with following characteristics:

         ● high reliability, there are two structures bearing body parts, good heat dissipation.

         ●Hydraulic flow component adopted hydraulic module from high efficiency power saving pump, thus would be 5~8% higher average efficiency than old type pipeline pump.

         ● High universality of spare parts .

         ● Refined selection of material, main material is Ⅱ type ,the bearings body and other part is cast iron.

        Performance Range:

        Flow value Q = 54 ~5500m3. / h

        Head H= 80 ~1080m

        temperature t =-10℃~ +200℃

        model specification:

        Example: KSY2850-95A



                 KSY-double suction level open centrifugal pump

                 2850.390-flow value


                A.B-cutting times of impeller

                 F-means CW turning from the view of transmission.

        Structure features:

        [KSY-based pipeline pump works]: volume pump working chamber volume is generated by means of periodic changes to achieve the purpose of transportation, power machine of mechanical energy by the pump directly into the pressure of the liquid can be transported; pump flow value depends on the working chamber value and volume changes in the working chamber volume changes in the frequency of piping hot with nothing to depend on the pump itself, the resulting pressure depends only on the line characteristics. Commonly used in the petroleum and chemical industries, the overall transport fuel, adhesives, corrosive liquids, etc. The main features are as follows: 1, with the pump discharge pressure, pump leakage losses increase, the actual pump flow would decline; 2 suitable for a wide pressure, high viscosity, narrow flow range; 3, the pump speed is low, transmission fluid a pulse, the average flow rate constant, good suction capability; 4, with the pump discharge pressure, shaft power increases , pump efficiency; 5, when the high-viscosity fluid transport capacity of 6 with a careful, there is relative motion of the friction parts (such as: the rotor and the rotor, plunger-filler, etc.) 7, pump efficiency, with less use of power can be energy conservation. 

        KSY-based oil pipeline pump

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