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        IH type anti-corrosion pump

        IH type anti-corrosion pump

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        • Release date:2015/06/15
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        lH-type pumps used in chemical, petroleum, j alloy, electricity, food, pharmaceuticals, synthetic fibers and other industrial sectors conveying corrosive or contaminated media are not allowed to meet in the transport of corrosive chemical processes like viscosity of liquid water.

             Transmission medium temperature: t ... 20 +105%

             Flow range: Q = 6 3 ~460m. / H

             Head range: H = 11 ~132m


        The rated pump performance and size using IS02858 1975 (E).

        Mounted mechanical seal and soft packing of the cavity size using IS03069 - 1974 (E) after the split pipe system to open the door structure can not be demolished check the rotor parts


        Pump outlet and the pipeline is located in the middle of the foot just above the pump, the pump by force, vibration. Low noise.

        Transmission medium:

        Various concentrations of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid and other organic acids and inorganic acids.

        Various concentrations of sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate and other alkaline solution, salt solution.

        Of liquid petroleum chemical products, organic compounds, and other corrosive materials and products.

        Model Description:

        50-160 AS1

        TT-[= pump seal type S1 for single mechanical seal

            I once cut by the same type impeller

        Impeller nominal diameter (mm)

        Pump outlet diameter (mm)

        - Pump inlet diameter (mm)

        International standard chemical pump system products

        Steering pump: pump direction of rotation: the prime mover to look at the pump is clockwise

        IH type anti-corrosion pump

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